sábado, 26 de abril de 2008

Para o sucesso dum Questionário em Investigação...

... há que acautelar alguns aspectos essenciais.

Eis alguns desses aspectos:

"Somehow we need to ensure that the questions asked are the right ones. To move from the research aims to deciding what are the right questions to put on a questionnaire is a key aspect that needs to be addressed by the researcher.";

"Most researchers make the mistake of asking too many questions. This often arises from an incomplete analysis of how to meet the survey aims. Your greatest enemy in survey research may well be poor response rate. Clear and concise questionnaires can help get the best response.";

"It is good practice to send questionnaires to an identified individual and not simply to, for example, 'the Managing Director' or 'the Personnel Manager'."

Guide to the Design of Questionnaires

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